Watch the drive from Alicante!

Click play on the video below and watch
as we drive from just South of Alicante
down the N332 to our location in El Altet!

Don't forget you can phone us for help!
Click the Google button on the right
or here to see the drive from satellite!

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Driving directions from North (from Alicante, Benidorm or Valencia) (Switch to directions from South)

  • Follow the N332 from Alicante, you'll pass the turnoff for the aiport...don't take it! (Slide 1)
  • Soon you will enter a lane lined with bollards on each side, as soon as you can move into the right hand lane, and get ready to... (Slide 2)
  • Turn of for "El Altet (Norte)"...stay right... (Slide 3)
  • ...and turn off again for "El Altet Norte", follow the road around and pass over the N332 on a bridge, then drop down... (Slide 4)
  • ...onto the El Altet "high street"(Slide 5)
  • Proceed through a couple of overhead mounted traffic lights, until you come to "main" traffic lights, where you need to turn right (Slide 6)
  • Proceed over numerous speed bumps until you see the roundabout in slide 7, and go stright over it.
  • Some more speed bumps and you come to a set of traffic lights near a little square, go stright over onto a country style road. (Slide 8)
  • Proceed until you reach a roundabout...(Slide 9)turn left at the roundabout taking the exit shown in slide 10, and then immediately pull in to the "FTH" garage on the right. We are behind the garage, drive behind the car cleaning stations and you'll see us!
  • Happy driving, don't forget to call if you need any assistance, and the video on the left shows the whole drive as explained above! :)
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