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Yes! They took care of all the paperwork and delivered the car - newly serviced. We were warned about the pitfalls of buying a used car in Spain, scams etc, At FWR - no worries!. Testimonials!

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BMW 630i Cab.

May '09 - Cabriolet
3.0 (270 bhp) Auto/Tip
88,000 kms, FSH
Full charcoal leather
Met champagne
€23,950 €21,950

VW Up!

VW Up! Auto

Dec '12 - 5 door hatch
1.0 (75 bhp) Automatic
43,000 kms, 1 owner
High spec model
€7,950 €7,600

Smart ForTwo Pulse

Smart ForTwo Pulse Auto/Tip Cabriolet

June '02 - Cabriolet
600cc (45 kw)
33,000 kms
€5,250 €4,995

see all our second hand cars on the costa blanca
see all our second hand cars on the costa blanca
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This stunning vehicle looks incredible in sparkling white with a full tan leather interior. Parking sensors all around and much more! A lovely motorcar. First viewer will buy!
See the details and give us a call!

long term parking arranged